Özdilek Lokum Logo

Özdilek Lokum, the unique flavour of the unforgettable moments, is produced meticulously for you…

"Our traditional dessert Turkish delight, which dates back to the 15th century, has been produced in Turkish delight production facilities within the body of Afyonkarahisar Shopping Center since April 20, 1996, with Özdilek quality and assurance.

Özdilek Lokum, produced daily with its traditional hand-work method and hard-line hygiene understanding, aims to meet the dessert needs with natural and healthy methods and to offer new tastes as well as traditional flavours.

Özdilek Lokum, which hosts nostalgic and modern tastes, brings new tastes peculiar to the store with Turkish delight lovers in Özdilek Lokum stores opened in Özdilek Bursa and ÖzdilekPark Istanbul with a modern design and special concept.

Özdilek Lokum stores, which brings Turkish delight, modern architecture, a unique concept and boutique service to its visitors, offers the guests 24 different flavours. In addition to the Sultan Turkish Delight varieties, nostalgic rose, honey, roving, double pistachio flavoured and classic square delight are also in the stores.

Özdilek Lokum has the idea that the most important priority in the production is to produce entirely in natural, traditional and hygienic conditions, and instead of using glucose syrup, artificial colourants and similar ingredients in production, it produces the taste of the true Turkish Delight with 100% sugar beet and natural ingredients."